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Structural Causes

Your internal energy
The CHIROLISTIC® concept incorporates the principles at the origin of chiropractic. Chiropractic is defined as a science, an art and a philosophy which uses the body’s power of recovery. It seeks to understand the direct relationships between the skeleton and muscles, especially those between the spine, skull and nervous system. Nowadays chiropractic is considered as “a clinical science for assessment and treatment of imbalances of the structural, biochemical, psychological and energy system of the body”.  Our body has its own healing power: it is "innate intelligence" that is expressed through the good function of the nervous system, consisting of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves. All physiological and cellular functions are controlled by this fabulous system that travels from the skull through the spine to all parts of the body. Our nervous system is like a computer which interacts continually with its environment.


The structural causes of dysfunction:

unfortunately, repeated physical trauma that our body has undergone since birth will create nerve interference and result in progressive neurological disruption, which affects its ability to adapt, its health and survival. The main causes of these imbalances can be:
• A long and difficult birth, traction on the skull with spatula or forceps.
• Falls, knocks, shocks, accidents, various trauma.
• Skull trauma.
• Bad positions of the head, back and pelvis for extended periods.
• Sleeping on your stomach or in a twisted position.
• Violent whiplash.
• Physical exhaustion without a resting phase, overwork and  going beyond the physical limits of the body.
• Intensive physical activities on an untrained body or which is used to a sedentary lifestyle.
• Problems with the foot and ankle which destabilize and cause an upward compensation  of the muscle chains.
• Jaw disorders that impact on dental occlusion and promote a downward compensation of the muscle chains.
• All forms of emotional stress causing physical pain, as in the case of psychosomatic disorders.
Metabolic imbalances due to deficiency in vital elements, as well as toxins and chemical pollution which also contribute to weaken the structure of the body.

Our scope of work
Maximise your nervous system for optimal health. Many symptoms result from these physical trauma and are within the scope of specific chiropractic intervention. This is the case of many musculoskeletal problems:
• Effects of head injury, dizziness, wooly feeling.
• Cervical vertebrae, stiff neck, whiplash.
• Lumbar pain, back pain, lumbago, pelvis, sciatica, herniated disc.
• rib pain, back pain, back pain with respiratory problems.
• sacro iliac pain, pelvic asymmetry, scoliosis.
• temporo mandibular joint, dental occlusion.
• shoulder, periarthritis.
• Elbow, tendonitis, tennis elbow.
• Wrist, carpal syndrome.
• Hip, femoral instability, osteoarthritis.
• Knees, inflammation of the menisci.
• Ankle, sprain.
• Feet, metatarsal inflammation.
• Myalgia, Fibromyalgia.
• neuritis, tendonitis.
• Fatigue.
Our assessment methods and our expertise

Through a comprehensive review of your health, posture analysis, palpation of your spine, specific muscle tests and X-rays, we can accurately assess the causes of your structural problems.
Everything moves in our body, each element is inter-connected, skull, pelvis, vertebrae, muscles ... Professional Applied Kinesiology associated with clinical information enables us to detect malfunctions and implement a specific treatment protocol tailored to your condition.
The CHIROLISTIC® treatment protocols combine the most innovative techniques from Professional Applied Kinesiology (PAK), Sacro-Occipital cranial work (SOT), accurate and painless chiropractic adjustments of the spine, Neurological Organization (TON) and specific muscle strenghtening.

Stages of structural reorganization are:

• Assessment and cranio-sacral corrections for pelvic and body stability.
• Assessment of the spine and specific adjustments.
• Check-up of the joints as well as all the muscles in the feet, legs and pelvis.
• Check-up and correction of the muscles and joints in the shoulders.
• Assessment and reorganization of the various phases of walking.
• Check-up and correction of the jaws, and assessment for dental rebalancing.
• Relaxation of the posterior muscles of the neck and back which have an influence on excessive spinal curvatures.