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Your internal energy at any age

Many people think that living with pain and stiffness from the age of 60 is normal,  and that they have to resign themselves to the fact that decreasing energy and activity levels are inevitable as they get older. By accepting their ailments, seniors gradually reduce their scope and their mobility.

Today, life expectancy is increasing and improved quality of life means that when you retire, a second life awaits you. A large number of physical, intellectual and cultural activities are at your fingertips.  To adapt to this new lifestyle is sometimes disturbing, both physically and psychologically.

Therefore, maintaining an active lifestyle becomes necessary and chiropractic is part of natural approaches that contribute to prevention, wellness and health maintenance.   The goal is to enjoy life in the best conditions.

Ageing is a normal and natural process, but unfortunately it causes muscular weaknesses, causing spinal instability and it affects the nervous impulses transmitted by the spinal nerves. Where there is a restriction of movement, the pressure on the joints increases causing inflammation and the upper and lower joints attempt to compensate for it.

Another specific aspect of 50 + people is the rheumatoid factor represented mainly by arthritis and osteoarthritis:

Arthritis: it is characterized by painful swelling of the joints and connective tissue such as ligaments, tendons and muscles.

Osteoarthritis: this is a degenerative disease that destroys cartilage causing irregularities and growths (osteophytes) on the bones detectable by x-rays. It affects one or more joints and is found more often in the hips, knees and spine.  Feeling stiff, a lack of mobility in the morning and pain are also part of this joint disease.

This gradual muscle and bone degradation affects our nervous system and reduces our capacity to adapt to well-being and survival skills. Also all compensation accumulations on a structural, emotional and metabolic level associated to our lifestyle must be taken into consideration.

Our evaluation methods and expertise for our seniors.


Through a comprehensive review of your health, posture analysis, palpation of your spine, specific muscle tests and X-rays, we can accurately assess the weakened areas causing compensation and disruption of your nervous system. In fact, everything moves in our body, each element is inter-connected, skull, pelvis, vertebrae, muscles ... ? Professional Applied Kinesiology associated with clinical information is able to detect malfunctions and to develop a treatment protocol tailored to your condition. Chirolistic treatment protocols combine safe, gentle and effective techniques for the elderly. The various phases of the reorganization are:

• Assessment and craniosacral correction to obtain pelvic stability, one of the corner stones of the body.
• Analysis of the spine and specific adjustment to restore mobility.
• Assessment and strengthening of the entire muscular system.
• Balance of the metabolic system to improve absorption and elimination.
• Advice on eating habits and specific assessment of the needs for vitamins and minerals for the maintenance of joints.
• Management of the emotional side.

With chiropractic and Chirolistics Centres, increase your life expectancy and your quality of life.