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  • COLLOQUE 2019 COLLOQUE 2019 19-20 Janvier 2019 à Paris-Roissy Colloque international et interdisciplinaire SYNERGIE CHIRURGIENS-DENTISTES / CHIROPRACTEURS ...
  • Entrevue Chiropratique n°6 par KIRIS VITAE Entrevue Chiropratique n°6 par KIRIS ... Entrevue Chiropratique n°6 par KIRIS VITAE à LIKER et PARTAGER sans modération  pour faire connaitre ...
  • Rejoignez l'ICAK Rejoignez l'ICAK Suite à l’enseignement des 100 heures de Kinésiologie Appliquée en France par le Docteur David Leaf, il ...
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Refer a colleague

You have just finished your training with Chirolistic ® Coaching and you have implemented all our techniques. Through our work together, the response of your patients to these new approaches and good results are now acquired.

Do you know that there are many practitioners who do not know these techniques so their patients do not benefit from such chiropractic care simply because they do not know our treatment methods.
You as a trained practitioner are in a unique position to recommend the training provided by Chirolistic ® Coaching to your colleagues.

You have experienced yourself the well-being and performance of chiropractic care that takes into account all aspects of health balance.
To facilitate this you can:

  • Complete this online contact form specifying some information about the colleagues that you wish to recommend to us and we will send them information directly.
  • Ask them to visit our website : to discover the professional page and our whole approach.

All the team at Chirolistic ® Coaching thank you in advance.