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Metabolic Causes


Your life balance
The CHIROLISTIC® concept incorporates the principles behind chiropractic: our body has its own healing power, "Innate Intelligence", which is expressed through the integrity of the nervous system, and controls all physiological and cellular functions. Health and well-being are the result of the balance between structural, biochemical and emotional factors. Our body has an innate ability to heal itself and our intelligent functions are ordered and directed toward a single goal: SURVIVAL.

Health depends on many factors, of which the main seven are:

1. THINK (what I think)

? 2. BREATHE (what I breathe)

? 3. MOVE (how I move)

? 4. ELIMINATE (what I eliminate)

? 5. SLEEP (how I sleep)

? 6. DRINK (what I drink)

? 7. EAT (what I eat)

Our body is a chemical industry; it uses raw materials with which it manufactures finished products and energy, then it must eliminate everything it does not need, including toxins. It is established that the biochemical functions are vital to our body’s balance.  To supply the body with vital elements, to drink enough, to breathe and eliminate waste are part of the fundamental functions in obtaining optimal health.

Metabolic causes of disruption
In our modern society, chemical stresses are a major disruption factor to our health. They are mainly due to several factors:
• Pollution of the environment: due to car exhaust gases, industrial waste, and pesticides.
• Contamination and refining of foods: colorants, preservatives, artificial flavours, abuse of refined flour and sugar, and dairy products.
• Excessive use of stimulants, drugs having side effects which harm the body and nervous system.
• Eating food lacking in essential nutrients and loaded with empty calories.
• Not eating enough fruit and vegetables and not drinking enough water, all necessary for their vitamins and minerals.
• Bad combinations of fruits, vegetables and proteins.
• The excessive consumption of alcohol.
• The unbalanced diets.
• A deficiency in vitamins and minerals due to deficient intestinal absorption.
Vertebral subluxations that hinder normal nerve impulses necessary for all organs of the body.

Our scope of work
Many symptoms result from these metabolic imbalances and are within the scope of specific chiropractic intervention. This is the case of a large number of conditions:
• Headaches, migraines.
• ENT disorders: sore throat, ear infections and chronic colds, sinusitis.
• Gastrointestinal disorders: heartburn, reflux, hiatus hernia, nausea, bloating, flatulence, constipation, diarrhea, colitis ...
• Sphincters problems.
• Parasitic infections.
• Respiratory disorders: chronic coughs, asthma, difficulty in breathing, tightness.
• Some heart and circulatory disorders.
• Endocrine disorders and certain disorders linked to the menopause.
• Premenstrual Syndrome: uterine cramps, chest congestion, irritability.
• Some gynecological urinary problems: chronic cystitis, prostatitis, urinary incontinence.
• Imbalance of the immune system.
• Some skin disorders: rash, eczema, psoriasis.
• Some intolerances and allergies.
• Fibromyalgia.
• Fatigue.

Our evaluation methods and our expertise.
Through a comprehensive review of your health, posture check, examination of your spine, specific muscle tests in relation to the functions of the organs, we can accurately assess the causes of your metabolic problems. CHIROLISTIC® treatment protocols combine the most innovative techniques from Professional Applied Kinesiology (PAK), cranial work Sacro-Occipital (SOT), precise and painless "chiropractic adjustments" to the spine, Neurological Organization ( TON), as well as the treatment and strengthening of specific muscles.

The stages of metabolic reorganization are:

• Evaluation of the vertebral column and specific adjustment.
• Evaluation and specific correction of the organic function.
• Verification of the various metabolic systems (immune, digestive, hormonal, etc ....) and stimulation if needed.
• Analysis and evaluation of specific needs for vitamins and minerals.
• Checking and correcting the structural function of the jaws in relation to digestion.


Increase the potential of your nervous system for better health.